Friday, May 28, 2010

Birth of a Robin


  1. Kelly, this is precious! Got goosebumps by their beauty. I've left something for you on today's post. Please don't feel obligated to accept it :0) Have a great weekend XX

  2. been here Kelly! I'm already thinking of moving to your place nahhh...Your really blessed to be living and having the oppurtunity to be with nature. Love it Kelly nice post again!

  3. Your site reminds me that I've been too immersed in the daily hectic routine of the 'bread n butter' issue, that I've come to the point of forgetting nature.

    After visiting here, I'm going to take a break and reconnect back to nature.

    Thanks for all the lovely pics you've here.


Sometimes, when a bird cries out, or the wind sweeps through a tree, or a dog howls in a far off farm, I hold still and listen a long time.
We live in all things, and all things live in us.