Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Friday Afternoon in the Park

Last Friday, was the last day of school for my daughters. They only had to go a half of a day. My youngest went home with a friend, and my oldest daughter, Libby and I went to the Park uptown. Libby likes photography as well, and took a course in photography at school. She thought it would be a good idea to go to the Park and take a few photos. It was the first time I had ever been. I wasn't really impressed. Libby thought I would be able to get a great many nature shots, but honestly, there just wasn't much there. If you want to read about our experience at the Park, you can go to my personal blog, Percolated Thoughts, as I try and keep this blog purely about Nature and everything related to Nature.

I was able to get a few Nature shots. I was real pleased with being able to get a few Bumble Bee shots, and in one photo you can see the pollen that has collected on his back. Libby didn't have much luck trying to capture the Bees. Every time she tried, they kept flying toward her.
We both were lucky enough to be able to capture a butterfly, and be able to get close enough to her to watch her feed on the sweet nectar of the flowers.

The Park had lots of trees, but only a couple of flower beds, and it had a walking trail that led all the way around our town. The only problem with walking the whole trail besides the fact its such a long trail, the trail also runs along the back side of a few rough parts of of the town. I didn't realize at the time, that this was the same trail I read about in the newspapers about drug activity, some gang violence, prostitution, and mugging. Over all, I wasn't overly impressed with the Park, I seemed to have more Nature around me than the park had, but I did get a few good photos. I have more photos on my personal blog as well. The best part about the Park was me spending the afternoon with my 17 year old daughter!


  1. Wow What an awesome sight I just can't figure it out how can you take those shots without scaring them away? Maybe you should pass those pictures for exibit or something.

    Kelly another good job done on promoting how lovely God's creation the way if you have time you can visit my site just an idea on how I look like I have posted the pictures of my 2 kids....God bless you till next post!

  2. I can't say enough about your photographs! I truly can't. They are...amazing, to say the least! An afternoon with your lovely daughter, a magical experience no matter the setting. Glad you had the chance to enjoy it. Always a pleasure to visit you xx

  3. You have such an incredible talent. Your photographs are stunning and I love the subjects you chose to capture through your camera lens.
    The details and colours are stunning. I truly enjoyed sharing your walk today.
    Thank you for your very kind recent comment,

  4. Super-gorgeous have a beautiful blog! thanks for your sweet visit to mine..yay! nice to meet you!

  5. Very gorgeous - the red and yellows really pop out!!

  6. Nice bumble pics! The yellow flower (is it a coneflower?) looks like I felt on Sunday with 95 degree heat and humidity! haha

    I think if I mailed dried yarrow it would arrive all crumbly, but, when I harvest I'd be glad to give it a shot!

  7. Oh, my!!! Those pictures are fantastic! Hugs

  8. I say you're one talented photographer! These photos are amazing, really amazing. I salute you for your patience waiting for the right moment to capture them. Great! I love them!

  9. Amazing shots ! Great captures.


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